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Supercross’ new PRO LT Race Bars

Press Release: For years, our Butted PRO LT Version of our Heat Treated Cro-mo Race Fork has been our number one seller. It only made sense to do a matching Butted PRO LT Version of our Heat Treated Cro-mo Race Bars.

The new Supercross PRO LT Race Bars use our same popular bend of 11? Back and 3? up that we use on our other race bars, but is now lighter and stronger with the new Multi Butted Profile with full post weld heat treat. At only 675 Grams (24 ounces) it is the perfect match up for our Super Light Weight PRO LT Race Forks to keep the weight down and the strength up. Our AA Pro Kris Fox uses these now on his Race Bike and his Trail Bike.

Available at your local Authorized Supercross BMX Dealer now in Gloss Black, Gloss White, Fire Red, Sky Blue and Sun Yellow.

Supercross_ BMX Pro LT Handlebars

Supercross BMX products are imported to Australia and NZ by the NZ based Radical Rydz (+64 9 238 4228)

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