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Eco Friendly Hydra Water Bottles from Hydra

The Italian cycling product company, Elite’s have a new 550ml Hydra Nature Bottle that is made not only for cyclists, but for the environment as well.

The white and green Hydra Nature Bottle is light, easy to use, and has the same high-quality features as Elite’s other popular water bottles such as the Cincio and Hydra Team models. It is 200 millimeters high, 74 millimeters in diameter, and weighs 68 grams.

Additionally, the squeezable Hydra Nature Bottle is 100 percent biodegradable without harming the beverage inside. This bottle will provide many years of excellent use, but if tossed into waste or composting, the entire structure of the water bottle, including the top and valve, will decompose in just one year!

The bottle’s body is constructed of food-grade Polyethylene and the cap is made from food-grade Polypropylene and thermoplastic rubber, making it 100 percent recyclable. The cap features a push-pull valve, a cup opening for especially thick beverages, and unscrews easily for quick cleaning.

With its modern functionality and design, the Elite Hydra Nature Bottle is compatible with most of today?s bottle cages. The bottle is narrowly shaped at the top and features a series of rings that allow for improved holding and grip of the bottle, even in extreme conditions. A wider ring at the top of the grip makes removing the bottle from its cage easier.

Like all Elite water bottles, the Hydra Nature Bottle is BPA free. It is dishwasher-friendly, and complies with both American and European food compatability standards. The Hydra Nature Bottle may safely hold warm beverages up to 65c degrees.

The Hydra Nature Bottle was introduced and race-tested by riders from Elite’s outstanding Cervelo Test Team at last month’s Giro d’Italia. Lucky cycling fans collecting water bottles left behind by racers nabbed this revolutionary bottle, which is destined to become a classic. In the unlikely event that one of these Hydra Nature Bottles was overlooked, in a year it will be completely reclaimed by the earth without damaging the environment!

The Elite Hydra Nature Bottle will be available end of June/early July The RRP is $11AUD

Elite products are imported to Australia by Cassons

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