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Fixie Inc. new PeaceMaker with Belt Drive

German cult brand, Fixie Inc. release the first production fixed/free (flip flop) with Gates Carbondrive. Last year at Eurobike their 5Star concept bike (with belt drive) received so much interest that 2010 sees a production bike with belt drive for urban cyclists.

Peacemaker 2010

The Peacemaker is an existing model though is a completely new bike for 2010 starting with new geometry and redeveloped flip flop hub right up to the new belt drive. And while this is the first bike of this style on the market with the belt drive, typically the rear triangle has to be opened somehow in the rare event that a belt needs to be changed. Rather than the S&S Coupling, as on the 5Star, a new JigSaw Coupler system on the seat stay is hard to spot and out of the way of the drop outs and bottom bracket.

Fixie Inc. PeaceMaker 2010

Backspin 2010

While the rest of the range has been reworked with geometry and detail improvements, a brand new model has been added to the collection and is targeted as an Entry Level bike. With a ‘hand made’ tradition, investing in a Fixie Inc does mean discipline in saving every dollar. The Backspin makes it easier to reach the goal though with a price tag of ?850 it is still in the upper segment of entry level.

Fixie Inc. Backspin 2010

Fixie Inc. currently do not have an Australian importer though are available throughout Europe.

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