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Fulcrum present their 2010 Racing 1 Wheelset

The only thing the new Racing 1 wheels have in common with the previous model is the name. The two versions of Fulcrum Racing 1 have been further improved for 2010, in both the clincher and 2-Way Fit versions. Certain modifications made to the already high performing 2-Way Fit version have raised the bar again on these wheels, and the clincher version has been radically modified, with weight reduced by a full 121 gr.

The 2-Way Fit model, already a winner last season, has been revised and improved in terms of weight and performance. New spokes and nipples in aluminum combined with a new construction technique have led to an impressive reduction of 25 grams on a wheel that was already at the top of the category in terms of weight.

Big news on the clincher version, which has been totally redesigned:

Lightened profile. The clincher model will have a new lightened rim profile achieved thanks to a new production process for the extrusions. This new process enables Fulcrum to reduce the mass of the rim without compromising its structural resistance. This is a big advantage, especially from the point of view of reducing the peripheral mass and therefore the performance features in terms of reactivity.

Differentiated profile. The new Racing 1 clincher version will have differentiated front and rear rims: 26 mm of height for the front and 30 mm for the rear. This means excellent aerodynamic penetration for the front wheel and extremely effective power transmission, even during off the seat riding, for the rear.

New hubs. The new Racing 1 clincher version hubs are again in aluminum but compared to the previous version they have been lightened and redesigned to house the new straight head spokes.

New spokes. The spokes are brand new, in aluminum with central cross-section of 2.6 mm for both models of the 2010 range. Thanks to these spokes, the new Racing 1? wheels boast a considerable reduction in weight while maintaining the same values of resistance as the previous version.

New graphics. The Racing 1 clincher wheel will have a new graphic look, the same shared by all models of the Fulcrum 2010 Road range.

2010 Fulcrum Racing 1

2010 Fulcrum Racing 1

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