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SKS PURO Carbon Pump Review

120psi from a pump that weighs only 124g…and looks black and sexy what else could you want? The carbon fibre body is very cool, and has a black sexy look.  Made from alloy with a carbon wrap over the barrel, this is a sturdy pump that’s built to stand the test of time.

At 209mm long it isn’t the smallest option on the market it’s very easy to carry around with you’re in your jersey pocket. Alternatively, you can attach it to your frame if you’d prefer with the minimalist (18g) mounting bracket provided.

The effectiveness of micro pumps is inversely proportional to size, and this is no exception, weighing in at a scant 124g it’s really light for the weight weenies!

It pumps out excellent volume for a mini pump, but expect some exercise to pump up a tire to pressure, if you pump pump pump pump the SKS Revo Carbon will not have a problem pumping up to 120psi to get back racing or back on your commute.

The SKS has a smooth stroke easy to inflate if you get the head on secure! Revo-Lock is the new name of the SKS valve connection.  The design is easy to use, there’s no thumb lock leaver, use your left hand, around the CNC head and valve lock so you need to hold it firmly in place as you pump the CNC head nozzle clings to the Presta vale making it very hard to remove. Perhaps because the head is optimized for skinny Presta valves, the pump gave me no leak problems, just a lot of pumping required. And it hasn’t busted a valve yet!

SKS Germany Puro Carbon

I was a little sceptical that this pump would work. But it works very well. It is light and even though it is a very short stroke, it will pump up a road tyre in relatively quick time.

There is also a Pressure gauge integrated into the handle which was accurate. I tested this by pumping up to 80psi and then checking the psi of the tube using another floor pump and it was sitting on 77psi, reasonable as you consider you do lose 1-2psi when you disconnect.

The SKS PURO Carbon is a great pump for the weight weenies out on the road. If you’re at home you may want a beefy floor pump that can reinflate you within a few seconds then sure use it, but if you’re out on the road and don’t want to be carrying a frame pump then you would take the PURO.

–    Built-in pressure gauge
–    Retractable/extending pump head
–    Carbon version available
–    Water bottle boss mount included

SKS Germany gear is imported into Australia by Apollo Bicycles

has contributed this article to Bicycles Network Australia.
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