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CRAFT Mesh Superlight Jersey

Designed for the hottest rides on steaming asphalt, CRAFT’s Cool Mesh Superlight utilizes a unique knitting construction: its mesh outer guarantees fantastic ventilation, while the plain material on the inside effectively wicks moisture away from the skin.

Swedish performance apparel pioneer CRAFT shows girls the lightest way to coolness with its Superlight Mesh SL! Introduced last season for men, the prototypes of the featherweight quickly advanced to become favourite pieces with the pro cyclists.

It’s unique knitting technique shaves off grams and offers exceptional cooling properties. The honeycomb construction features mesh with big holes on the outside for fantastic ventilation. Whereas on the inside, CRAFT uses a plainer construction since only the contact area with the skin ensures effective moisture transportation.

CRAFT combines this new knitting technique with the elastic Pro Cool polyester fibre. Its six channel construction increases the surface area, which leads to so-called capillary action. This results in an unbeatable heat and moisture dissipation. For odour prevention, hygiene and freshness, CRAFT utilizes a silver ion treatment which complies with Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

The CRAFT Mesh Jersey is available through http://www.craft.se

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