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DT Swiss MTB and Road Tricon Wheelsets

As previously announced, DT Swiss are releasing new Tricon Wheelsets (for Road and MTB). Now available are the technical details as to what makes up a Tricon Wheel.


Two Piece Hub
Two piece flange and hub that keeps the bearings free of tension – so they can spin more smoothly.

Staight Double Threaded Spokes

Stonger and with less play at either end therefore with smaller peak loads

Star Ratchet

The DT Swiss Star Ratchet System allows easy conversion to different axels and rotor types.

DT Swiss Tricon Details

Open Crowfoot
Spokes with radial and crossed lacing for better stiffness and more direct ‘transmission’ of power.

Rim Insert / Torx Nipples
Inserts that hold the spoke nipple (on two sides) and thus allowing a lighter rim. The Tork Nipple mean that a truing tool has a better grip and truing is easer.

Concave Rim Profile

Concave walls on the rim to counteract spoke tensions

DT Swiss Tricon Details

The DT Swiss XM 1550 Wheelset for Mountainbiking weights 1550 grams

The DT Swiss RR 1450 Road Wheelset weighs 1450 grams. (Note the correlation between the weight and product name.)

In Australia, DT Swiss is imported by Dirt Works Australia

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