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Satmap Active 10 coming to Australia

In March 2009, Satmap launched the Active 10 PLUS, the Active 10 PLUS has rapid, easy access to map display, trip logistics (elevation, time, distance and speed), electronic compass, and the on-board route planner. Up to now, map data is available for most of Europe and planned for 2010 are compatible maps for Australia.

Maps are displayed on a large 3.5 inches colour LCD screen designed for use in bright sunlight or darkness, and uniquely, the on-board electronic compass can be interfaced with the maps, giving a direction indicator and an instant map orientation. The GPS gives accuracies of 3 to 5 metres, and even works under the tree canopy.

Topographical mapping shows field boundaries, footpaths, bridal ways, woodland types and even the nearest public houses.

It’s quite a big job as you can imagine as there is no one provider for topographical mapping (i.e. the 1:25k and 1:50k scales) in Australia – each state has its own government department. Satmap Systems are working with Geoscience for the 1:1million and 1:250k scales for Australia.

Two important new features are incorporated in the Active 10 PLUS.  Firstly, it comes pre-loaded with a World Base Map at 1:5 million scale and secondly it has a new postcode look-up function.

The Active 10 PLUS offers two power options: the easy, practical and conventional AA alkaline batteries (rechargeable or standard) or the rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery which gives users a longer battery life (and lower operating costs) of around 20 hours continuous usage.  It is a simple process to switch between the two types of battery.

An in-built route planner allows users to create routes with full route card and point-to-point navigation information. Uniquely, the on-board electronic compass can be interfaced with the maps, giving a direction indicator and instant map orientation.

You can also receive access to the Satmap online Route Planner and Route Share Network from their PC. The Route Planner offers customers access to thousands of pounds worth of topographical mapping. The routes can be uploaded from and downloaded to the unit.  The Route Planner also allows customers to edit uploaded routes, view the elevation profile of a route and also print out a paper version of the route and map to take as back-up when out on the hills.

What’s in the Box

–    Active 10 Plus GPS
–    Standard Carry Case
–    Lanyard
–    USB Cable
–    3 Energiser Lithium Batteries
–    Lithium Polymer Battery
–    Wall charger with multi-country adapters
–    Voucher – 1/3 off 60km? site-centred map (worth ?35)
–    Voucher – Route Planner & Share Network (worth ?79.99)
–    Quick User Guide
–    Map Catalogue –

The Techy Bits
–    SiRF Star III GPS Antenna
–    Integrated 18mm Patch Antenna
–    In-built 2 Axis Electronic Compass
–    3.5 ” LCD TFT Backlit Colour Screen
–    Microsoft CE Operating Systems
–    ARM 9 processor
–    256MB RAM

satmap Active10

The satmap Active 10 system (available from satmap) will be released in Australia around mid 2010. Australian pricing has not yet been provided.

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