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Schwalbe Highlights in 2010

When it comes to tuning your bike for performance and weight, start with the tires. For the lowest cost you can achieve the biggest performance improvement where your bike meets the road. In rolling resistance, grip, puncture resistance,and weight, let’s see what is on offer for road and mountain bikers from Schwalbe for 2010.

Marathon Dureme the Extreme Long Runner

Schwalbe has now filled the gap in its Marathon Evolution Line tires with a versatile tire for the everyday rider. Its classic, versatile tread always makes it feel at home with its superior handling and light running on the road.

Its three-compound tread with Nano particles combines seemingly  unattainable top performance of grip, easy rolling and long life. The  three mixtures are arranged in such a way to work in harmony: Grip on  the shoulders, durability in the center tread and under this an extremely light rolling compound. Patented puncture protection provides further protection against  thorns, rocks and any other nasty objects waiting to put an end to  your ride.  The fibers of the High Density Guard are more densely  woven than any other material used in tires.

This is the only way to ensure such a high level of puncture protection in such a light tire, explained Holger Jahn, Schwalbe’s Technical Director. On the tire sides a robust, but nevertheless light  SnakeSkin protects against lateral damage from sharp objects. Schwalbe calls this form of twin security “Double Defense”.

Due to its technically sophisticated, ingenious construction the Marathon Dureme is extremely light (from just 475 grams as a folding  tire) and at the same time very robust.

Marathon Dureme is available in bicycle stores from the end of 2009.

Two new Downhill Racers from Schwalbe

Dirty Dan is the specialist for deep, muddy conditions. Its open, mud profile has a great self cleaning action. Specially developed for its cornering ability, the laterally deployed Curve-Claws simply bite through the ground. While the new, almost sticky Gooey Gluey compound has lower wear than its predecessor. This new rubber compound has now completely replaced the former Gooey Gluey

“Wicked Will is, conversely, the tire for dry terrain. The successor to the Al Mighty it has extremely low rolling resistance. We trimmed it for speed”, said Michael Kull of Schwalbe Marketing. Besides which the side grip of Wicked Will is enormous: Strong, pronounced outer lugs
and Curve-Claws make possible the most extreme cornering angles. The tires at a glance

Wicked Will
For dry conditions, successor to the Al Mighty
Size: 26 x 2.50
Tread: Built for extremely low rolling resistance, enormous side
grip from strong, pronounced outer lugs and Curve-Claws
Gooey Gluey compound for maximum traction
Double carcass

Dirty Dan
For deep muddy conditions, rain and turf
Size: 26 x 2.40
Tread: Open, mud profile, good self cleaning action, enormous side
grip with Curve-Claws
Gooey Gluey compound for maximum traction
Double carcass

New Rain Racer the Ultremo Aqua
I don’t know of any other tire that has so much grip. In order to achieve such outstanding cornering grip Schwalbe gave its  rain racer a grippy, sticky-rubber compound with a diamond tread. The tire rolls as if it’s on rails. Altogether it gives a very secure  riding sensation. In wet race conditions, with a lot of tight curves, it wouldn’t be possible to win without it.

Since every rubber mixture is a compromise between grip and rolling  resistance, so naturally this compound has slightly higher resistance.  But weigh the advantages: The big plus is its speed in curves that  offsets both the somewhat higher rolling resistance and higher  abrasion, common with soft rubber mixtures.

With a weight of just 180 grams the Ultremo Aqua is the lightest rain  tire on the market, yet despite this it still features High Density  Guard, an extremely densely woven protection belt that provides the  toughest defense against punctures.

Ultremo Aqua is the right call when grip is a priority, or, for riders  who want to be sure, even if the weather is changeable.

Marathon Plus MTB Flatless Tires

Where the terrain demands puncture protection, then Marathon Plus MTB  is the perfect call. Thanks to its SmartGuard layer the Marathon Plus  MTB is the most puncture resistant mountain bike tire there is.

The SmartGuard protection belt made from highly elastic, special  rubber not only provides protection from shards of glass and flints  that become embedded in the tire and can work themselves through a  normal protection belt, but even a thumbtack cannot penetrate its  special layer.

Marathon Plus MTB is available from specialist cycle stores in sizes: 26 x 1.75 (47-559) and 26 x 2.10 (54-559).

Schwalbe Tires are distributed in Australia by BikeBox.

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