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Superbike Bikepack

It appears fresh and young with its athletic styling, yet also focuses on protection.

The integrated windshield not only protects the rider’s front against cold wind, it also comes in bright neon yellow for more visibility in low-light conditions. The safety and protection garment is actually a proper vest with collar, zip and drawstring.

The new Superbike by bikepack pioneer Deuter is the ideal companion for day trips with a host of details that make it a pleasure to wear. Its unique, patented Windshield can be easily pulled on when wind comes up or you go downhill. It is a proper vest with a zip, a drawstring for adjustment and a collar for throat protection. Just like the integrated rain cover (which also comes with a safety blink loop), Deuter presents the Windshield in neon yellow – a bright way to offer additional safety in low-light conditions.

The Airstripes back system with its flexible aluminium stays allows an easy adjustment to the back curvature and thus provides increased support and load distibution. The foams utilize a bi-laminate foam construction with air cannels, which guarantees fantastic ventilation. While riding, the system also generates a ‘chimney’ effect between the foams allowing air to circulate and cool down the back. Further, the hip belt with mesh wings provides a breathable and compact fit and features zipped mesh pockets.

Additional details include a stow-away helmet holder, hydration system compatibility, large reflectors at the back, a wet laundry compartment, mesh side pocket, a spacious front pocket and and a wet laundry compartment. Also, the volume of the women specific Superbike 14 EXP SL and the Superbike 18 EXP can be expanded by means of the zipped bellows on the main compartment.

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