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Camelbak Velobak and electronic Flow Meter

Camelbak have released a few details on their new range of cycling gear coming out at the end of 2009.

Camelbak VeloBak

Available in both men’s and women’s sizes, VeloBak features a dual zip front and three jersey pockets. VeloBak has all the performance features of standardjerseys, but is actually an integrated hydration system. VeloBak has a compression pocket that comfortably holds a 72-ounce reservoir. Made of a breathable and lightweight material, the VeloBak is ideally suited for road or mountain bike rides lasting two or more hours.

RRP $165

Camelbak Flow Meter

Consumers have asked for a way to track how much water they have consumed and how much is left in their reservoir. CamelBak has answered that call with their latest piece of intelligent hydration – the Flow Meter. The CamelBak Flow Meter tracks how much water has been consumed – ensuring personal hydration goals are met – and how much remains in the reservoir. It also calculates how much time is left until the reservoir is empty. The Flow Meter is an innovation in intelligent personal hydration that answers the call of the #1 request from consumers and can be customized based on individual needs and activity level.

It is easy to integrate with any CamelBak reservoir and will be available at retail locations nationwide in October for RRP $35.


Camelbakgear is distributed by Netti Atom.
Both products will be available from most bike shops.

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