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Selle Italia release the MonoLink Seatpost

The SLR and SLR flow saddles from Selle Italia now feature the Monolink Seatpost with a single rail. The new system offers weight savings, better adjustability and a new look. 

Selle Italia have announced that this system is 50% stronger that traditional seat posts due to the layered HM K3 Carbon Fibre weave. The new clamping system is also quicker and easier to adjust.

Available for the SLR and SLR Flow saddles, the saddles are expected at around 130 grams and the seat post at 160 grams (300 and 350mm versions). The added features, weight savings and ease of use however come at a price, the saddle and seat post are expected to retail in Europe for 400 Euro (AUD 680).

Added 06.10.2009

Selle Italia have provided additional images and details. The actual rail uses HM K6 “Unidirectional long fibre” and weighs 46 grams and adds to comfort. Compared to traditional carbon fibre rails, the Monolink claims to increased crash resistance by 300% (and with 30% greater torsional strength).

Selle Italia Monolink
The Monolink seat rail in detail.

The Selle Italia SLR Monolink Team Edition Flow (125 grams)
(The Flow version is with the cut out in the middle)

The Carbon Fibre Seatpost and fastening mechanism.

Selle Italia saddles are distributed in Australia by Cassons.

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