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Swiftwick performance socks

Swiftwick combines technology and materials for performance sport socks.

Swiftwick offers a wide range of socks, from below the ankle “no shows” to 12 inch over the cuff models. They are made from either an Olefin or merino wool blend.

Olefin is a synthetic fiber that produces a fast drying, lightweight sock with incredible breathability, durability, abrasion resistance. It is said to retain less than .01% of its weight in moisture and is also very resistant to deterioration from chemicals and perspiration. Swiftwick’s Olefin socks are blended with nylon and spandex to create a softer, more comfortable sock for everyday way.

Merino wool is nothing short of miraculous, having both insulating and wicking qualities. It can keep the skin dry when you are sweating and warm when you are cool. It has a very soft hand and does not itch at all. It can absorb as much as 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet. Much like Olefin, wool is biodegradable and kinder to the environment.

Socks from both materials are knitted at a 200 needle count, resulting in a tighter knit that more closely conforms to the foot. They feature a compression footbed that cradles your arch as well as stitching (in the longer models) that helps with circulation in your lower legs. The socks are also engineered for optimal breathability, durability, comfort and support.

There is no Australian distributer though socks can be purchased online from the Swiftwick store for between (US) 11 and 15 dollars. Look for the products labled Zero, One, Two and Four. As a curiosity, the Obama and McCain socks, though designed as leisure wear rather than performance wear.

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