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Wiley X Blink Light Adjusting Glasses on trial

Light adjusting lenses is the big thing in cycling eyewear and RC tests the WileyX Blink glasses.

Interchangeable lenses are common place in cycling glasses where
nearly all sunglasses are now coming with sets of three lenses although changing lenses can be tricky.

The Blink looks classy or off the bike (which I like!!!) and are made from durable TR-90 lenses and damage resistant proprietary military grade shatterproof polycarbonate. Protecting your eyes from flying rocks, rain and hail.

Secure, yet tactile the facial cavity seal uses air permeable foam so it’s both comfortable and breathes to assist the anti-fog coatings on the lenses. While the benefits of the gasket are great for all riders they would especially be good for MTB’ers riding in adverse conditions. I rode in several heavy rain storms and the lenses didn’t fog up, and I would prefer to ride with them, than without them.

The facial cavity provides excellent defence against sun and airborne particles while giving a more accurate view of conditions ahead thanks to improved light filtration.

The arms stop the glasses slipping when you’re leaning forward on the drops. The arms aren’t too long either, meaning that, unlike some, they won’t snag on your helmets straps or the adjustable retention device around the back. Even spirited dislodging didn’t work sitting comfortably suggesting they’re as good a choice for off road use as well as roadies.

Wiley X Blink Cycling Eyewear

The Blink model we tested came with photochromatic (Light Adjusting) lenses which darken in response to how much UV they are exposed to. When going from sunlight to overcast conditions the lenses will soften or darken in tint to suit the conditions.

Good design prevents annoying misting, especially on damp, early morning rides and a comprehensive sturdy carry case with soft wipe completes the package nicely.

My one criticism is that, sitting close to the brow, they catch sweat quite easily which then streams down inside the lense…..at least it did for me so this may depend on the shape and size of your head.

The Blink LA’s are robust and are secure and extremely comfortable to wear. For the money, these are probably the best cycling glasses on the market. Thanks to the good optics the light sensitive lenses performed flawlessly and there is no need to exchange lenses. The design means they look fine off the bike and are very, very comfortable in all conditions.

The Blink LA are glasses for all seasons and riding styles and come  complete with sturdy carry case, lens wipe,  Elastic Strap and Facial Cavity Seal.

RRP: $259,95

WileyX (imported by Topace) have a range of leisure and sporting eyewear. The range is available online: www.wileyx.com.au

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