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New Shimano 50mm carbon aluminium clincher

Shimano have announced the Dura Ace WH-7850-C50-CL younger brother, a new affordable carbon aluminium deep profile wheelset, the WH-RS80-C50.

Shimano introduces a 50mm deep profile carbon-aluminum composite clincher wheel set with model name WH-RS80-C50. It combines an aerodynamic rim profile and excellent rigidity with the convenience of clincher tire compatibility for everyday riding.

This wheel set features an identical rim technology as DURA-ACE WH-7850-C50-CL, in combination with a set of affordable – but highly reliable – RS (ULTEGRA grade) hubs. These hubs have been developed using SHIMANO’s proven cup and cone bearings that are well appreciated for their great durability and adjustability. WH-RS80-C50 features 16 double butted, bladed, stainless steel spokes in the front and 20 in the rear wheel. Compatible with 8, 9 and 10-speed SHIMANO cassettes. Weight: 1750 gr.

The price and availability has not yet been announced.

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