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Mark Cavendish series PRO cockpit

Vicious sprinter Mark Cavendish now has his own “Star Series” cockpit with stem and handlebar from Shimano’s PRO brand. The 2009 Tour de France saw Cavendish from Team HTC-Columbia taking a number of stage victories with punishing sprint finishes – his gear has to perform. 

The new PRO Vibe Sprint “Mark Cavendish Star Series” is a handlebar and stem is possibly the first in a range of PRO gear released under the Mark Cavendish name. Lets take a look at the details:

The stem-body is of a unidirectional carbon in monocoque design for an ultimate rigidity and responsiveness. Together with the integrated CNC alloy top- and front-cap this stem definitely has the X-factor! The rigidity of this stem is almost double compared to a regular PRO Vibe 7S stem. The stem will be available in 105, 120 and 135mm lengths. Weight will be from 170 grams.

PRO Vibe Sprint HB Stem Mark Cavendish

The bar will be produced of a reinforced alloy, with an internally splined construction, instead of carbon which can be unpredictable after a crash. By adding four splines in the already oversized top-section of the bar, the rigidity is increased with 9% compared to a regular PRO Vibe 7S handlebar. You can imagine that even 1% can be decisive in a shoulder-to-shoulder sprint at 70kmph. This handlebar will exclusively be available in an anatomic bend, in three widths: 40, 42 and 44 cm. Weight will be from 295 gram

The Mark Cavendish stem and handle bar are expected to be available in June, 2010.

See more PRO bike gear here: www.pro-bikegear.com

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