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Review: Tough Chik Cycling Jersey

I had been expecting a Tough Chik jersey in the mail, I’d checked the mail with enthusiasm every day, though when I unpacked the jersey I wasn’t so sure. It was HOT pink! There’s no way this jersey was going to hide in a crowd.

I headed out on my Sunday training session down Melbourne’s Beach Road and the best comment of the day was from a bloke who came up beside me, “wow, you’re really doing that jersey justice!”

On the front of the jersey are the words, “Tough Chik Performance,” and on the back, “tough chik; this is what tough looks like.”

I’ve gathered feedback from co-workers and friends, we’ve all given a big thumbs up for the black and white checkered pockets which are very cool and although I can’t guarantee they will make you faster, I’m 100% positive they made me faster.

The sizes are on par with standard sizing guides, if you think you’ll squeeze into a large its probably best to get the next size up so you’re able to wear a base layer under it in the Autumn, the elastic in the arms is top quality as is the stitching.

The fabric feels good against your skin and for approximately $78.00 AUD ($65.00 USD) you can’t go past this jersey for value for money, not only does it look great, it magically gives you that little bit extra that we all need on the road!

Try telling the boys who wear the maglia rosa in the Giro d’Italia that pink doesn’t make you go faster!

Check out: www.toughchik.com

Tough Chik Cycling Jersey

Rowena Scott
Rowena Scotthttp://www.sheridescycling.com.au
is a Melbourne based road cyclist and covers women's interests in cycling, you can view her website at www.sheridescycling.com.au
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