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Review: Ground Effect Median Strip Jersey

If there’s one thing New Zealanders do well, it’s woollen things.

The Ground Effect Median Strip is a “Lightwave Merino” jersey. Lightwave Merino is part Merino wool and part polyester. The theory is that the material combines the comfort, warmth and low-odour properties of merino wool with the durability and moisture wicking ability of polyester.

The result is a material that feels significantly different to traditional lycra jerseys. It’s much more comfortable, not in the  “never-go-back-to-lycra” way, rather that the retro-grouches will love it (their words, not ours).


On that note, while the material is nice, the way it’s constructed is incredible. The seams and shapes of the panels clearly identify this as a well-designed item. We wouldn’t normally consider making note of it unless it was exceptionally poor. But in this case, it’s one of the first things you notice. We would expect it to last very well.

Other notable features are zippered pockets and a repair patch sewn into the jersey – further evidence of the considerable thought that has gone into it.

While it may have been stitched together with a lot of forethought, the overall look doesn’t give the impression of being a time consuming design masterpiece. You have the choice of silver with black zip and trimmings or orange with a white zip and trimmings. This style is characteristic thoughout most of Ground Effects’ range and will either suit your taste or you may consider it boring. In any case, it’s not a design that will “date” and this means it as a jersey that you will still be wearing in 5 or 10 years’ time.

One thing that we ought to mention is the size. It’s very large. The “Medium” feels at least the same size as a “Large”. If you want a tight  Euro-fit, you’ll need to go almost two sizes smaller than usual. Though if you don’t mind a looser, T-Shirt-style fit, then the larger size may suit you.


The jersey is an adequate performer. It removes sweat fine and there’s not much more to say. It doesn’t perform noticeably better or worse than traditional jerseys and shouldn’t be a problem on hot summer days, though it does provide slightly more warmth in winter.

The Verdict
A fine jersey that, while rather plain, is very well built and comfortable.

Recommended if:
You prefer a conservative look
You want your clothing to last for years
You appreciate quality; and
You are a retro-grouch

See the jersey and more sporting wear at www.groundeffect.co.nz

Danny Beveridge
Danny Beveridge
is based in Brisbane and chooses his equipment for road cycling with great care.
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