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New: Bryton Sports GPS Cycle Computers

Bryton Sports is a new Taiwanese brand and with their new RIDER 50 GPS cycling computers have been picked up by an experienced Australian distributer of GPS gear, Next Destination.

For both the road rider and mountain biker, the new GPS computers are promoted as being sturdy as to withstand the elements in Australia. There are two models, RIDER 50T and RIDER 50E.

The RIDER 50E GPS Cycle computer includes detailed Australian street maps with a main feature being the ability to plan training rides online (brytonsports.com) which can be uploading to the computer and used when riding. The performance data can also be shared with fellow cyclists who have the same cycle computer (Knock Knock Wireless) as well as in the online community in which rider data will contribute to a national directory of rides. Extra data can be stored on a Micro SD card. The cycle computer data available include distance, navigation, step counter, stop watch, alerts, altitude, slop analysis plus personal settings and a virtual training partner (My Buddy).

The screen is a transflective TFT display which means that regardless of the light conditions, even in sunlight, the screen information can always be read. This factor has been a point of criticism for many brands of GPS computers.

The RIDER 50T is the big brother and includes all of the functions of the 50E plus with Cadence and Heart Rate Monitor (although the 50E can be upgraded).

The RIDER 50T has a RRP of $549 while the 50E will retail for $449 and are expected in retail outlets at the end of July 2010. Further information about the Bryton Sports GPS cycle computers from Next Destination.

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