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Review: Jersey Bin Waterproof Cycling Pouch

I’ve seen cyclists go to get out their mobile phone only to find it sweaty. Others use a zip lock bag which are water proof, though after short while becomes sweaty and disgusting, you have to throw them out after each ride. More durable and compact is the Jersey Bin.

The Jersey Bin is a simple but effective waterproof pouch that fits perfectly into your jersey pocket so that you can carry items without having to worry about them being exposed to rain or sweat. The Jersey Bin holds a lot more than you would expect, tightly closed it will easily hold your Iphone or Blackberry (or any other popular phone), notes and coins, multitool, business cards, credit cards or small digital camera.

There are two Jersey Bin’s to choose from, the Trim Bin is 9.5 x 17.5cm and the Big Bin is 12 x 17.5cm (either frosty or clear) with rounded corners to fit perfectly inside of your jersey pocket. As it was specifically designed for your cycling jersey pocket, it fits flush against your back. For weight weenies it almost definitely reduces the aerodynamic drag of having bulky wallets and mobiles stuffed into your pocket.

Jersey Bin

The Jersey Bin is built using 8 gauge recycled vinyl for toughness with a strong zip lock style zipper which works reliably keeping your valuables safe and dry. While it remains snug in your jersey pocket while riding, in the unlikely event that you come off, it provides a bit of extra protection for your mobile or valuables.

The Jersey Bin is inexpensive and very practical, and fits into every jersey pocket I have tried. You can order them online from www.jerseybin.com and plus can order them in bulk with a custom logo for your cycling club. Expect to also see them coming soon to your local bike shop.

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