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Star Gazir Kit: Reaching for the stars!

It can be hard to find womens jerseys and knicks in Australia that look good and feel good. Australian Professional Cyclist Tiffany Cromwell has seen a gap in the market and designed a Women’s Specific Kit that covers all the bases. Tiffany has worked closely with Australian company Triple Play to create the Star Gazer collection which is Australian made and was released early 2010.

Tiffany’s main focus of this design has been with the graphics, that’s not to say that the kit isn’t world class. Tiffany used her experience in the saddle to work with Triple Play to ensure that the most comfortable garment was produced. The jersey comes in two designs I received the black/purple/blue, the other option available is white/two toned pink.

The Jersey:
The pockets in the jersey are generous, I was able to fit the entire contents of my saddle bag in them and I still had space available for who knows what!

The fabric of the jersey is excellent, it is called Tri Flow and incorporates an advanced microfiber which means the moisture will be drawn away from the skin to maximize moisture evaporation, keeping you as dry and as cool as possible? and yes it does work.

The sizing of the Jersey was perfect; the arms don’t have elastic in them, which means they don’t pull or make you feel uncomfortable, they sit just like a t-shirt, which is what I like.

Tiffany Jane Jersey and Knicks

The Bib Knick’s:
I wasn’t sure at first, I knew they were going to be short, I could tell from the pictures from Tiffany’s website, www.tiffanyjane.com.au, that they would be short, I put them on and I was surprised at how comfortable I felt in them. I don’t have the best legs around and I was comfortable.

Even though the Bib Knicks where shorter than what I was used to, the legs of the knick’s weren’t too tight and they didn’t pull my thighs in or make them look unsightly.

It can be trial and error to find a pair of knick’s with a chemise that works for you, the chemise in these bibs is a lot thinner than what I was used to, at first I thought, ‘dear me.’ My first impressions where wrong, the chemise in these knick’s is quality. The real test for me is the trainer, if my bibs are comfortable for an hour on the trainer, I know they’re going to last the distance on any ride from 50 – 200km? success!

I’ve worn the jersey and knick’s consistently for 2 weeks and they have been enjoyable to wear on long and short rides.

Tiffany Cromwell spends more time in the saddle than most of us and knows what she’s talking about, these cycling garments give female cyclists a good opportunity to take advantage of that knowledge and experience

This kit is cool, the fit of the garment is great and the design looks nice and it will give you a real boost in the saddle.

Put it on the birthday list or the Christmas list or even if you need a treat, the Jersey’s are $149.00 and the Bib knick’s are $189.00. Don’t be afraid to purchase this product online, I chose my size from the online guide and it was spot on!

Tiffany tells me there are plans for a new line and new design, I can’t wait! You can get the latest on Tiffany’s label at (website broken)

Photos : CJT Design: www.cjtdesign.com. Tiffany Cromwell is pictured modeling her line of cycling wear.

Rowena Scott
Rowena Scotthttp://www.sheridescycling.com.au
is a Melbourne based road cyclist and covers women's interests in cycling, you can view her website at www.sheridescycling.com.au
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