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Review: Aprés Vèlo True Religion T-Shirt

Cycling for many of us is not only a sport, a form of transport or a past-time, rather it is a lifestyle. We live for the distance, the attack, the jump… most importantly, we live to ride. For some it is like a religion.

Aprés Vèlo have come out with a bit of kit to parade your love for cycling, appropriately named “True Religion”. It comes as either long or short sleeve shirt and is made from cotton and elastine. Now this feels incredibly soft to the touch and has a real vintage vibe to it. The shirt has a ‘worn’ and ‘old’ feel which makes wearing it give off a ‘favourite shirt’ feel, though not to be mistaken with the ‘favourite shirt’ odour. It’s safe to say the guys at Aprés Vèlo DO NOT wear the shirts, weeks on end, before shipping.

As with all Religions, rules and customs are necessary. The ‘True Religion’ T of cycling is no exception; on the upper back is a patch with “The 10 commandments of spin” which are favourably leanient. On the right sleeve wrist is a patch with a motto which arguably all people who truly love the sport should follow, ‘Live to Ride, Ride to Live’.

On the left wrist is a rather schmick looking Celtic styled cross with tribal wings and a scroll “Bicycle Brethren”. Depending on how it is interpreted, the scroll under the cross could be a tube, and the base of the cross could be a sharp piece of glass or a thorn… deep. Real deep.

If you live and breathe cycling, this is the shirt to proove it.

Apres Velo True Religion

The Aussie company, Aprés Vèlo, has a range of mens and womens casual wear. Check out the range online: www.apresvelo.com

Chad Pedrotti
Chad Pedrotti
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