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Radical child carrier from Taga

With a distinguished European Design, the Taga is a foldable croozer, tricycle or ski sled and is the most radical child carrier we have ever seen.

The Taga, as was demonstrated to us at Ausbike, it has five different positions; 3 in stroller and two in tricycle mode – basic bike and stroller mode, rain cover bike and stroller mode, bags bike and stroller mode allowing you to carry a picnic with you, side second child seat bike mode and stroller mode.

The Taga can also be converted to fit a child’s car seat all of which can be converted in 30 seconds to any of the five modes.

The Taga is made out of 6061 aluminum, with a Shimano Nexus 3 speed internal gear hub and it rolls on 16″ wheels fitted with disc brakes and a Nexus roller brake. To secure your child in the Taoga there is a 5 point safety harness to strap them in.

Taga bike

Other extras available for your Taga include a second child seat much like a double pram. A wooden shopping basket to carry your groceries. A removable seat with quick release for when it’s a tricycle and a set of sleds for the snow season.

Although it’s sold as a fold up child transporter, which you can put in the back of your car, at 20-29kgs that’s not really a option for daily transport by a parent.

All of this comes at a cost though, at $2295 for the chassis and child seat without any optional extras.

During the quick trial we had, it was stable, stopped well and relatively easily to convert – although we aren’t sold on the sled idea in Australia!

The Taga is distributed in Australia by Instyle Ventures. For more information visit www.tagabikes.com

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