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GoPro Hero2 HD adventure camera first look

After the recent review of the Contour GPS I was looking for something that was both waterproof, and had a less rattle-prone mounting system. The form factor had to be small and light as well.

Some recent footage from a BNA forum member and reports of attractive local pricing inspired me to pick up the second generation GoPro Hero2 HD Professional as a self-funded Christmas present.

First impressions during a ride around the local Terrey Hills and Cascades trail networks, and some local road riding were excellent. Image quality is top notch, especially at 1080p Full HD at 30fps. It is evident why the 170 degree wide angle field of view is so popular.

The quick release mount was a little disappointing, transmitting plenty of rattles to the cameras microphone on the first outing.

However, the application of two layers of electricians tape to pack up the base of the mount was enough to remove the free play and the quality of sound capture improved out of sight.

The menu system is easy to see and navigate, and camera performance in shadow and the speed of exposure adjustment from bright sunlight were both good. The optional chest mount works well, and allows the installation of the camera upside down so that the it can be easily hung forward to obtain a straight-and-level view in the typical cyclists’ riding position. An easily accessed setting inverts the image capture so that you don’t have to worry about time-consuming flipping of the footage on your computer later.

A more detailed review is in the pipeline. In the meantime, take a look at the initial results for yourself at resolutions all the way up to 1080p.

John Hawkins
John Hawkins
knows the regular Sydney mountain biking trails inside out and broadens his horizons discovering more.
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