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Spin Baby Children’s Cycling Jersey’s

If your Dad was a cyclist then you probably looked up to him when he rode his big bike. He would teach you to ride and when you were confident pedalling, there would always be Dad’s gentle hand helping push you up the steep hills. Times change and if you have now become a cycling Dad or Mum, teaching your kids to ride is one of the joys of life.

Melbourne mum Sarah Garbuio, a keen cyclist, discovered that when her first child was born there were no jerseys available for the little ones. She wanted a cute baby jersey, decided to create her own, and thus Spin Baby was born. For road cyclists, lycra is the uniform and Gabuio recognised that children looked up to their parents dressed in lycra “and want to look like us”.

“It’s not just about being comfortable, it’s about embracing cycling with your kids and becoming positive role models.  You can buy football jumpers for kids, so why not cycling jerseys”? says Gabuio.

Spin Baby King of the Mountains Jersey

There are three styles available: ‘baby’ blue, pink and, my favourite, the mini King of the Mountains red polka dot jersey. The 100% polyester jerseys come in eight sizes from newborns to around 5-6 years and include a short front zip and back pockets, which are handy. These days the little ones start on balance bikes which are a fantastic introduction to two wheels before the coordination kicks in for pedalling and Spin Baby have the kids covered for their journey into cycling.

Buying these jerseys won’t break the bank either; they’re priced at $39.95 plus postage. They’re a lovely gift that will put smiles on faces and have the little ones looking just like dad or mum.

The Spin Baby jerseys can be ordered online: www.spinbaby.com.au

Spin Baby Girls Jersey

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