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Premium Spanish Sumattory Cycling Kit in Review

If you can find a fault with any of the Sumattory kit I’ve been testing, you’re probably a judge on American Idol. Every piece is perfectly cut and designed, and every seam looks like it was stitched together by NASA, such is the precision. The biggest problem I have with this kit is conveying what it’s all about without inviting you over to my house to try it yourself!

Sumattory is a Spanish company producing a comparatively small range of products. I’ll admit that personally I’d never seen any of their gear until this review. Also, their products certainly come at a premium price, being designed in Spain and made in Italy. Truth be told, I was a bit worried that I would be disappointed – I wondered how Sumattory expected Australian cyclists to buy premium-priced products from a brand they have never heard of before. And over the internet, too!

It took just one ride, however, to understand. Sumattory sent me their gear to review because it’s the real deal.

I received a complete kit with summer jersey, knicks and base layer which was selected by Summattory for my size. While this is well matched and essentially belongs together as a kit, you can still mix and match so we are looking at each piece in detail.

Sumattory Spanish Hermida Orange Stripe Cycling Jersey


Sumattory Hermida Jersey
The “Hermida” jersey comes in short and long sleeve models, in orange or blue. I received the short-sleeved orange version in size “small” and right out of the packet, something seemed different.

This isn’t a glorified quick-dry shirt. The very high (72%) nylon content gives it an odd feeling in the hand, but an amazingly tailored feel when it’s on. The outer surface feels incredibly slick and aerodynamic. The material follows the contours of your body to the point where you could even see the permanent bump on my collar bone from my close encounter of the parked-car kind; no other item of clothing I own does this. Despite this, it’s not restrictive – the material is so stretchable that it just feels as though it had been designed specifically for you.

Sumattory Hermida Orange Stripe Cycling Jersey Elite

Most jerseys are passable items of clothing, but the Hermida jersey is clearly at the next level. It’s so light there’s nowhere for sweat to accumulate. It’s so well fitting it won’t flap even at 70km/h, and it’s ridiculously comfortable.

It’s reasonably practical too. It has a super long pocket in the middle that works perfectly for a hand pump or loose items you are paranoid about. It also has a zippered compartment for your phone with a waterproof panel between it and your skin to protect it from moisture. I loved this – I didn’t really need it, but it’s such an elegant solution I can’t help but smile when I think about it. The zipper feels solid and locks in place very well.

The jersey also features tiny holes for airflow and moisture evaporation as well as silicone grippers on the waist. The only thing I could find to gripe about is the sizing. If you take a look at the pictures, you’ll see that really, I needed the next size up. It’s a testament to the design that it was still so comfortable and not restrictive – still, if you happen to be right on the cusp of sizes, go up one.

At around $175 (€135), the Hermida is not cheap. But to describe it as anything less than a premium product would be doing it a disservice, and if you’ve never paid these sorts of prices for a jersey, or let alone any item of clothing, it’s unlikely you’ll have anything in your wardrobe that feels like it.

Now, to be honest, not everyone needs a jersey like this. I mean there are plenty of cheaper jerseys that will “do the job”, but no one really needs a Lamborghini either!

Sumattory Hermida Cycling Sprint Tank Stripe Bib Knicks


Sumattory “Hermida” Bib Shorts
The Hermida Bib Shorts come in orange or blue, with a long winter version available in black.

As with the jersey, you can tell something’s different right out of the box. Even higher in nylon content (80%), you notice that same thin, stretchy and aerodynamic feel straight away. The chamois is made by the company called Elastic Interface and is named the Cytech “Endurance 3D.” BNA asked however didn’t receive much info about this chamois, but “Endurance” means it is one of Elastic Interface’s long distance chamois and it’s likely specifically made for Sumattory.

The chamois sports two very thick sections directly under your “sit bones”, but it’s not just thick, it’s firm too. Conversely, the front of the chamois is much thinner, though still firm. This design makes sense in the context of long distance rides, where pressure on the pedals is lower and your weight is shifted a little more towards the back.

The fit is fantastic, due largely to the high-quality, body hugging material used. When on the bike, I don’t think I could find a wrinkle in these shorts. The absence of a traditional hem gives it a great, modern style. They never ride up, always sit flat, and they sport some very unique leg grippers too. Like the jersey, the shorts are slightly on the small side and again, if you’re somewhere in between sizes, you should definitely go up rather than down.

At around $190 (€145), these shorts, like the jersey, are definitely premium-priced but, again like the jersey, they more than live up to the price tag. There are plenty of shorts that cost a lot but offer little benefit, and you can always get away with cheaper shorts. But if you want to get a pair of really good shorts, and you’re willing to pay for them, then consider this an endorsement of a genuinely premium-quality product.


Sumattory “Hermida” Spring Base Layer
The Sumattory Spring Base Layer is yet another high-quality item, though maybe not appropriate for the hot Australian summer. I’m looking forward to making use of this in mid-to-late April

It’s made from a high-quality material, just like the rest of the range, though it has a high (63%) polypropylene content which some riders dislike. I’m relatively indifferent as, once again, the quality is just so evident straight away – this is a specialty product designed for a specific purpose.

It’s incredibly soft and very water permeable, so ultimately I didn’t even realise it had a high polypropylene content until I began writing this review. I gave it a go on a hot summer morning and found that after a minute off the bike the jersey was probably wetter than the undershirt. I thought this was a figment of my imagination, but I’m reliably informed that this is due to the “hydrophobic” nature of polypropylene.

The fit is great, but being sleeveless it ought to fit well. Like the rest of the range, the sizing is ever-so-slightly smaller than you would find over here.

Sumattory Premium Spanish Italian Made Cycling Wear

Like the rest of the range, the base layer sports a premium price tag at around $70 (€55)  and, like the jersey and the shorts, the quality of manufacture is exceptional. Don’t let the polypropylene content fool you, this is softer than some merino base layers I’ve worn.


Last Word on The Sumattory “Hermida” Kit
I probably would not have ordered the Sumattory kit unless I knew someone who had touched it, ridden in it and given it the thumbs up. I’ve touched it, ridden in it and I’m giving it the thumbs up.

While there are many competitors offering products at lower price points, if you want to ride in the very best gear then seriously consider the Hermida range – it’s unlike anything you’ve worn before and probably better than anything your mates will be wearing.

If you are a budget cyclist, this cycling wear is simply not for you – you would absolutely love it though at the premium price this is reserved for the cyclist who wants a premium product.

Summatory currently don’t have an Australian importer however promise fast shipping internationally (and free shipping for orders over €200), for more information and ordering details, visit: sumattory.com/en

Danny Beveridge
Danny Beveridge
is based in Brisbane and chooses his equipment for road cycling with great care.
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