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TESTED: The revamped KASK Mojito³ combines the best features into a sensible road cycling helmet

In a fairly spectacular online media launch, the new Kask Moijto³ was described as a modern cultural Italian icon on paar the Vespa, the Fiat 500, the Riva Aquarama and the espresso maker. With almost 1 million Mojito helmets sold globally since 2012, it has performed exceptionally well so the brand is obviously proud of the success. Mojito is a good looking cycling helmet at a more reasonable price-point against the Protone, (ex) Vertigo and Valegro… but maintains an edgy road cycling design and comfort to match.

Eight years later, the helmet still looks good and sells well, but gets an update… actually it can be better described as a complete overhaul of the Mojito. The pointly cadillac fins at the back are gone, except for a tiny rear bumper and the the skeleton like structure that made it so edgy has been erased. It has become modern and more sensible, as though the Kask Protone and Mojito got married and had a baby helmet called the Moijto³, the Mojito cubed.

protone mojito love child

This love-child is still an accessibly priced helmet that looks the part and has a host of features that make it an excellent choice for riders seeking a road cycling helmet. Beyond the styling update, the newly version is available in a small and contemporary range of colours. Just two colours; a fluro yellow and orange. Otherwise there are shades; white, grey, black and matt black. Over the years I have seen the original Mojito’s released in every colour known to mankind and simplifying is again is nice… but it won’t last long.

kask mojito helmet australia
kask mojito3 roadcycling helmet

For sizing I can compare with the now superseded Kask Vertigo which I used for a while but never really loved because I felt it was too big and mushroom-like. Mojito has it’s own sizing chart that still puts me in-between size M and L. Although I like the option of wearing cycling caps or skull-warmers in winter, to ensure a good fit I selected the M (size 52 – 58cm).

bicycle helmet weight

The model I have tested has the CE EN 1078 European Certification as I was cycling in France and Germany. Kask confirmed that some minor differences in foam density for the AS/NZS 2063 version could see some small variations in weight. The helmet for review weighed 234 grams which is a mere 4 grams away from spec for the size M. In comparison, the top model Protone saves 15 grams (215g for M) while the Valegro is the weight weenie with a reported 206 grams for size M (road.cc review August 2020).

First Impressions

As always with Kask, the helmet is nicely packaged and is very cleanly assembled. While some brands release their helmets with bits of glue or uneven padding and details, the Mojito is nice and precise with the polycarbonate outer shell perfectly fitting inmoulded foam core. And I thought that only imperial stormtroopers were so precise.

kask mojito 3 review
kask helmet construction
Exploded render from Kask shows the helmet parts

I love the two reflective stickers on the back, they look good and add to the arsenal of safety features a cyclist needs out on the roads.

kask helmet safety

A dark blue, single-piece ‘Blue Tech’ padding lines the inside of helmet so when it comes time to wash the padding, you only deal with one piece which is easy to put back in rather than 70 pieces that make up a jigsaw puzzle.

helmet padding liner

The real highlight is the Octo Fit retention system which is also used in the Protone and Valegro helmets. The mechanical parts are all plastic and appear to be organic and constructed with purpose. The Octo Fit gives you both a dial on the rear to tighten the harness plus you can ratchet the harness up or down for the right fit. Simply pull the harness down as far as naturally goes and with this, the fit is so comfortable and secure that I am able to do a hand stand (no straps) and the helmet doesn’t fall off. It simply works fantastically and is extremely comfortable. The ratchet tends to move with very little effort though if you get the right position on your head, it stays in place.

inside bicycle helmet
kask octofit harness
kask octo fit harness review

For the chin strap, Kask use Eco-leather and my research shows that it is still leather (sorry Vegans) however it is manufactured following a more sustainable tanning process as leather tanning is a notoriously toxic and polluting process. I like the soft feel of these leather straps and it is described as anallergic and washable which I also appreciate as synthethic straps get itchy when I sweat.

kask helmet buckle clasp

The clasp on the chinstrap is quite novel as it invites you to explore but in practice it works well and reliably.

On the Road with Mojito³

A good helmet is comfortable, will protect your head and will look good. Without testing the safety attributes, I feel that most riders will be happy with the comfort and looks. Under the covers Kask say that the new Mojito is safer than the older generation and performs better in crash tests, a claim I will simply accept.

On my head there is good space around the ears and some noise but not too much that it is a distraction. The front of the helmet dips slightly into the peripheral vision. I found it was an automatic movement of putting the helmet on, tightening the dial, pulling down the harness and fastening the strap (and it takes longer to describe than do).

kask helmet review

Breathability is good, I cycled in hot, mild and cooler weather without any complaints. I am a few notches below the super-pro who may be more demanding and want more cooling when they ride at the limit.

If there was one issue it was sunglasses compatibility. Very broadly, the larger (and cooler) big lens sunglasses didn’t work as well with the Mojito as they were more likely to sit against the peak of the helmet. However the fairly large format Alba Optics sunglasses were a good match. Sporting and compact style cycling sunnies are a more natural fit. I tried a few different brands (I don’t own any of the Kask related brand of Koo sunnies so couldn’t test) and assume that with different head shapes and face types, the helmet and sunglasses compatibility could vary.

helmet big sunglasses

This is a natural road cycling helmet and while it doesn’t have a visor, it is still very much at home for MTB, commuting and touring.

And while I am not about to crash, for the release, KASK pitched the safety improvements with the impact and rotational impact advancements to protect your head in a worst-case scenario.

In Summary

The current retail for (original) Mojito helmets is AUD 239 and this is far from a budget helmet but it is stocked with good looks and features that represents value for money (especially if you look at the diminishing returns of buying a $400+ top-of-the-range helmet).

While the new Kask Mojito cubed helmet was so iconic that other riders commented on the helmet, it combines good features such as comfort, style and a quality construction. The helmet fitted me very well and my overall impression is that it works hard to be a value-for-money performance road cycling helmet.

KASK Australia have a slightly delayed retail release in Australia (due to Covid) and from December 2020 the new helmets with the AS/NZ safety standards approval will be in bike shops. What about the old helmets? Apparently the stock has been sold but if you are after a bargain and spot the old model Mojito, there could be some bargains.

More Information: kask.com

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A very well made helmet that is comfortable and as a 'love-child' of the original Mijito and the Protone it packs-in the features and details for a good value performance cycling helmet. While not quite as iconic in design... it won't let you down either if fashion is essential. TESTED: The revamped KASK Mojito³ combines the best features into a sensible road cycling helmet