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Australian Newcomer: Gazelle

While Dutch influence in the Australian culture can be traced back as far as 1606 when Captain Willem Janszoon on the Duyfken sailed along Western Australia, it has taken time for one of Hollands most recognisable brands to hit the Australian shores.

The compact European cities feature cycling networks and facilities that have enabled cycling to become ingrained into the culture and lifestyle. While cycling in Australia certainly has a sporting tradition, as a means of transportation, it is still in its infancy. Popular opinions are changing and cities now slowly moving to make cycling more viable – perfect timing for Gazelle. The practical Holland bike and even cargo bikes and e-bikes are a viable alternative for people who have typically ignored cycling.

Paul van Bellen of Gazelle Australia reports that after six months all targets have been met. With an increasing dealer list across Australia, Gazelle are taking their challenge seriously to help make cycling something which you can take for granted.

Gazelle Toer Populair

Gazelle Toer Populair

While a typical mountain biker or road cyclist will not consider a Holland bike, the Gazelle bicycle buyer is more interested in functional, comfortable and reliable transport. These European imports do however come at a price, however just like the Mercedes Benz or Miele Kitchen, buying a Gazelle is an investment into a long lasting and reliable bicycle. And for the style conscious, for the looks of yesteryear, the Toer Populair mens and ladies bicycles will make a mountain biker or road bike look twice.

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