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London Tube unexpected Cycling Push

With a strike by the Union (RMT), the London Underground stands still on Wednesday and Thursday. This means that Londoner who rely on the Tube to get around will have to resort to other means. With tolls for inner city car travel – the strike could have a positive effect on cycling commuting.

Bikebiz highlighted this story and the London Cycling Campaign launched a website "Bike the Strike" to promote cycle commuting with the establishment of Bike Tubes – groups of cyclists who meet at key location to ride into the city as a bunch. 

There were five planned Bike Tube rides and with the success and interest in the campaign which continues tomorro, Thursday, Chief executive Koy Thomson said, "We’ll do everything we can to ensure this surge in cycling becomes permanent, including organising more BikeTubes, even when there’s no disruption."

There is also good reading, the "Bike to Work Book" with good information for commuters and future commuters.

Christopher Jones
Christopher Joneshttps://www.bicycles.net.au
Christopher Jones is a recreational cyclist and runs a design agency, Signale. As the driving force behind Bicycles.net.au he has one of each 'types' of bicycles.
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